Choosing the Right Zipline Trolley

Riding ziplines can be dangerous, with some injuries being very severe or even lethal. Choosing the right trolley is part of designing a safe zipline. Here are some characteristics of zipline trolleys that are used on this website to distinguish between various trolleys on the market

  • Some trolleys are faster than others
  • Some trolleys are more durable than others
  • The size of your zipline cable may restrict your choice of a trolley
  • Whether the trolley manufacturer is more concerned about low cost or high quality

We share our honest opinion of each zip line trolley listed here. Which particular trolley you go with doesn't matter to us, but we strive to explain the products clearly and concisely so that you can choose the best one for your particular zipline project. Some of the trolleys reviewed here are more expensive than others, but in most cases, the cheapest options have tradeoffs such as lower durability or speed. Please choose a trolley style or manufacturer below to start your search.